Dear Applicant,

Thank you for choosing to apply to rent a Recovery Realty property! As we provide a high-quality experience to all our residents; we are seeking long term, high quality residents. We do our absolute best to process applications on a first-come, first-served basis, but often times the person applying first has bypassed some of the requirements which will likely land them in a secondary or later position, so we ask that you/all occupants apply at close to the same time to ensure positioning in this competitive market.


  • Be sure to have all documentation prepared before starting this application. You will not be able to log back into your application to edit or resubmit documentation.
  • Each occupant 18 years of age and older must complete an application. Applications will not be processed until every applicant has filled out, e-signed, paid for their application and provided required documentation.
  • Application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE unless you are applying as a backup or secondary position whereas no processing or credit check has occurred. In those circumstances, a refund will be posted for all but the $5 charged by our database for the online process.

Do not proceed with completing and submitting an application unless you have read and agree to these instructions.


Applications are processed on a point system and scored based upon factors including, but not limited to: rental history, income, employment, criminal and eviction history, and resident/credit score. If your application does not meet our minimum qualifications, an additional security deposit may be required or the application can be rejected based on certain negative reporting items. Please note you’ll also be required to complete a profile for acknowledgement of not having or having pets on the property. Please visit to complete the profile that matches your needs.

  1. Your gross income should be at least three times the monthly rent. We do combine all adult’s income. We don’t want our residents to struggle to make monthly rent, so this is established to ensure your happiness and comfort to ensure your household finances aren’t over extended.
  2. While credit scores are important, we evaluate the credit history more carefully and don’t commit to a minimum credit score as a result.
  3. If you have eviction history or open collection from a landlord/property management company; this is typically an automatic denial for obvious reasons.
  4. If you have utility collections, including cell phone service, this is typically an automatic denial as it could cause you some difficulties establishing necessary utility services.
  5. If you have any liens or judgments that could become a wage garnishment, this is typically an automatic denial as your wages could be reduced significantly with no notice, and then you may not be able to pay rent.
  6. A valid government-issued photo ID is required from all applicants along with proof of income and bank statements to back up income.
  7. If ANY information is found to be false, the application will be automatically denied.
  8. Deposits will vary depending on the overall application strength combined with type and number of pets.


Please confirm the pet policy for this property. If pets are allowed for this property, please become familiar with our company pet policy here: All of our properties differ in pet policies regarding what kind of pet, weight, number of pets allowed which can be limited by the owner, the HOA, insurance restrictions, or a combination thereof, but it is our policy to encourage responsible pet ownership when it’s allowed.

*For applicants who DO have Pets, at the end of the application process, you will be asked to click on our pet screening link: This link will direct you to complete a Pet Application and to pay the required pet profile fee.

*For applicants who DON’T have a pet, please visit the link and complete a ‘No Pet’ profile at no additional cost.


NO tobacco or marijuana smoking is allowed inside of ANY of our rental homes. Although marijuana has been legalized in many areas, under Federal law, marijuana remains a Class I Controlled Substance and therefore illegal under the Federal Laws. Marijuana use, possession, and/or growing is prohibited at all our rental homes and violators will be evicted per our lease agreement. Landlords and management are permitted to prohibit marijuana use on a leased property as well as smoking the substance, just like smoking tobacco, based on established case law.


When Civil Code §1950.6 was first enacted, owners and managers could not charge more than $30 per applicant for an application fee. The law allows the landlord to increase the $30 charge annually according to the consumer price index (CPI). In 2019, the maximum statutory amount is $50.94.

To avoid unfair business practice claims, conservative property owners and managers set their application fees at the lesser of the statutory maximum or their actual screening costs. An application screening fee should not be charged if the property owner or manager does not incur any screening costs (i.e. when no credit report is run or if the owner or manager did not perform a personal reference check or other processing).

Application Screening Fees When No Unit is Available. Unless the applicant agrees in writing, owners and managers cannot charge an application screening fee at all if they do not have a current vacancy or do not anticipate vacancies becoming available within a reasonable period of time. Civil Code §1950.6(c). The intent of the law is to prohibit any owner or manager from charging application screening fees when there are no units currently available to rent. But, if the applicant agrees in writing to have the report run when there are no current vacancies or no vacancies available within a reasonable period of time, an application screening fee may be charged. Otherwise, alternatives are to run credit reports and process the application at the landlord’s expense or wait to charge the fee and process the application when the applicant is at the top of the waiting list.

Charging Application Fees for Husband and Wife. Treating married couples differently than single persons is discriminatory in California. Each adult applicant should complete a rental application and should be charged the same fee. The monetary limit is per person regardless of the relationship between the parties.

Information to Include on the Receipt for the Application Fee. The applicant must be given an itemized receipt showing the actual charge for the credit report and the “soft costs” for the time and expense incurred by the owner/ manager for obtaining, processing and verifying the application (i.e. including past rental history, current employment, bank accounts, etc.). Civil Code §1950.6(d) and (f). If the total cost is less than the fee collected, the remaining sum should be returned to the applicant. Many application forms and some holding deposit agreements contain a receipt for the application fee, so often the application fee receipt is provided on either the application form or the holding deposit agreement form.


Each occupant, age 18 and above, must complete an individual application and pay a NONREFUNDABLE application fee of $40 per adult. Application fees must be received BEFORE the application can be processed. **See information on application fees explained above.**

  1. An incomplete application will delay the process and may result in another applicant being approved while we wait for your information or the cancellation of your application entirely.
  2. Once we receive your completed application, we will have it fully processed and notify you of the results within 48 business hours of receipt or less. The primary delay of any application is waiting for a rental reference.
  3. If approved, you will have until 24-48 hours to sign the lease AND pay the security deposit with certified funds depending on what day of the week the approval occurs. We will place the property on a temporary hold until that designated time, however, until we receive the signed lease AND the security deposit, we will not take the property off the market entirely until the lease and deposit process is complete. Delays in committing to the lease signing and collection of the deposit will result in cancellation of the applicant’s interest in that particular property.
  4. If your application is approved but something prevents you from completing the lease, we do hold applications open for 60 days. You may apply your pre-approved application towards any of our other properties within those 60 days WITHOUT having to pay an application fee again.
  5. Please note you’ll also be required to complete a profile for acknowledgement of not having or having pets on the property. Please visit to complete the profile that matches your needs.

A utility and maintenance reduction program is required for each property that have disposable HVAC filters which provide for a new filter delivered every 90 days to the residence. The cost for this program is $10/month and is charged in addition to the rent as filters, batteries and bulbs are a tenant expense. This program is designed to improve our resident’s experience with cleaner air quality, more efficient use of their HVAC system resulting in lower energy costs, and reducing the chance of system malfunction or failure during periods of extreme heat or cold spells.