Quick Links for Landlords & Tenants


California Department of Consumer Affairs

Click on the button below to access the Landlord/Tenant book to better understand your rights and obligations as either a Landlord or Tenant.  This is a great, reliable resource with helpful, easy to access information regarding the renting experience.


Want the Average Cost of a Home’s Energy Bill? While there is no online ability to get this information, you can call NV Energy at 775/834-4444, Press 1, then Press 5, and finally Press 3.  Have the full address with zip code available for this automated system.

What’s This Home’s Actual Square Footage? How Do I Know If the Home Has Any Liens?
If you want to know the square footage of any home, you can find this and more on the county assessor’s webpage as this is public information.  With so many homes going into foreclosure, we hear renters’ concerns that they don’t want to be suddenly foreclosed upon.  While the county’s information can not ultimately prevent this type of event, most tenants find this information helpful when researching rental homes.  Click on the button below to access the county’s website.  Just enter the home’s number and the street name (no street, drive, avenue following) and no city is necessary.  We are noticing the assessor is behind in listing recorded documents relating to foreclosure, so this feature may not be as reliable as one would hope!

What Schools Are Associated With This House?
Curious about the schools located near one of the rentals?  Check the Washoe County School District by clicking the button below. Enter the address, and you’ll see the Elementary, Middle and High School nearest the home.

Is This A House On A Bus Route? Click on the RTC Logo to determine if there is a bus route close to the residence you’re considering.

Nevada Department of Public Safety | The Regional Sex Offender Notification Unit releases information pursuant to the Community Notification Statute (NRS 179D), which requires law enforcement agencies to inform the public of sex offenders who have been paroled, discharged, or who reside in the community. This notification is not intended to increase fear; rather, it is our belief that an informed public is a safer public.

And here is a link to check crime statistics at your potential new residence – just enter the address and date range, and you’ll get a good idea of crimes that have occurred in the area over the date range you provided.

Support Our Troops

On patrol at the Front: it’s lonely… desolate… and still far too dangerous for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s difficult, too, for the families and kids they’ve left behind.  Please join me in supporting our troops overseas by clicking on the button below to access the USO and say a prayer for friends (below) and family members of so many.