(CBS DETROIT) – As the eviction moratorium continues to protect thousands of renters, some landlords say they’re at risk of losing their properties after going months without being paid.

“And a lot of them are not paying because they know they cannot get evicted,” said Tawanda Hall, a property owner in Detroit.

Tawanda Hall says she owns 10 units in Detroit, but only five tenants are paying rent. “One lady six months,” said Hall. “She keeps saying she’s going to move, but she hasn’t, and there’s not much I can do.”

Hall says since even before the pandemic, she has been flexible and working out payment plans for tenants, but now she says she’s being taken advantage of.

“They’re not going to be able to be put out until who knows when,” said Hall.

Last week the Centers for Disease Control extended the eviction moratorium through Oct. 3.

The current eviction ban protects residents who live in areas with substantial to high COVID-19 transmission rates.

“Took a couple to court, and the court system has been pushing the dates back even after you get a court date,” said Hall.

The Covid Emergency Rental Assistance Program (CERA) helps both landlords and tenants by paying back the rent owed.

Although landlords can initiate the application process, they need the tenant’s participation for approval.

“The city is still wanting their tax money, and even though I’m in a payment arrangement, the interest is still building upon the money that I owe, and I can’t get anyone else into my properties because these people are holding the houses up,” said Hall.

According to the CERA website, landlords will have the ability to complete all application fields and uploads in the next few weeks.

Tenants will be notified to confirm the information submitted.

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